The Napa Valley Heritage Fund

Star drawn in red and orange crayon.   Our History and Activities

The fund is no longer operating. The following information is preserved for historical interest.

Among the founding trustees, many of whom were also members in an environmentally-focused group to maintain the integrity of the land, were names which still resonate in the Valley today, including Jack Davies, Lewis Carpenter, Milt Eisele, Ina Hart, Eleanor McCrea, Elizabeth Martini, and Fred Monhoff.

One of the first projects embarked upon was the Sharpsteen Museum in Calistoga. The Napa Valley Heritage Fund, as an approved California nonprofit, served as a conduit for monies being donated to the museum which had not at that time secured nonprofit status. Numerous established, cultural events and institutions have benefitted from the assistance of the NVHF in much the same way.

The current Board of Trustees is broadly representative of the Valley and brings many backgrounds to the tasks enunciated by Jack Davies thirty years ago. They are:

Maria DiGiulio, President
Warren Warner
Marsha Evans
Connie Kay
Anne Hamilton
Greg Marvin
Elaine Hudson
Emeritus Trustees:
Don Fraser
Jim Cross
Douglas Eisele
Barney Rhodes
David Marsten
Jay Greene
Richard Williams
Bill Tantau
Bonnie Thoreen
Michelle Hoffman
Craig Bond
Linda Burton
Cyd Greer