The Napa Valley Heritage Fund

Star drawn in red and orange crayon.   Apply for a Grant

The fund is no longer operating or accepting grant applications. The following information is preserved for historical interest.

Who May Apply

Individuals and nonprofit corporations may apply for grant funding. The same institution or individual cannot be funded more than once in any twelve-month period.

Eligible Projects

Projects which are consistent with the Napa Valley Heritage Fund mission of preserving and building the cultural heritage of the Napa Valley will be considered for funding. Examples of such projects are seen in Funded Works.

Grant Proposal Process

To apply for grant funding, an individual or non-profit corporation may submit a letter of request (on the organizations letterhead, if a non-profit corporation) to the Board of the Napa Valley Heritage Fund for review.

The letter of request should contain the following information:

  • purpose of the project
  • concise information about the individual or organization conducting the project
  • estimated total budget for the project including specific request amount which may or may not be the total amount budgeted for the project
  • whom the project will benefit
  • qualifications of those conducting the project
  • period of time for which funds are being requested
  • project completion date

Upon receipt of the letter the NVHF Board will review the proposed project and notify the applicant by mail. If the project is rather complex, applicants may be asked to schedule an oral presentation to the Board. Otherwise, notification of acceptance will be made by mail. Upon notification and applicants response, project funds will be made available.

Additional Terms

Grant funds must be spent and the project completed within one year of notification of grant acceptance. The grant recipient is required to submit a report on the result of the project. The grant recipient is also required to acknowledge the Napa Valley Heritage Fund in all printed materials pertaining to the funded project.